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Band in a Box import

Johan Pauwels
Hello Werner,

First of all congratulations with your wonderful program and the fast
development. I'm researching automatic chord transcription at Ghent
University and as such, I'm very much interested in MuseScore's ability
to import Band in a Box files. It already works to some extent, but
during my first explorations of the program, I've encountered some
strange behaviour and I thought you might be interested to hear about
it. I'm running Windows build r971. I've attached two Band in a Box
files which show the problems and screenshots of how the leadsheets look
in Band in a Box.

* When importing "~!CHETBR.MGU" the melody splits over two lines that
sound alternately, while you can see in Band in a Box that there's just
one melody.

* Imported chords seem to be shifted one measure to the back. This
probably has to do with the fact that Band in a Box calls the first
measure "LeadIn", which can be empty or can be used for an anacrusis. I
don't know however if the "LeadIn" is always present nor if it's always
1 measure. See also the screenshots "chebr-lead begin.jpg" and
"blueBossa-lead begin.jpg".

* When converting a Band in a Box file to MusicXML, all chords but the
first are dropped for measures with more than one chord. There are
however kept when importing into msc format. See both mgu files.

* Some notes of the melody are dropped when importing biab files,
especially for slurred notes, and other's duration is altered. See
import of "bluebosa.mgu" versus "blueBossa-lead begin" (e.g. measures 5-6)

* All repeats get lost when importing BiaB files, which is especially
inconvenient for repeats with alternative endings where this causes
"discontinuities" between the first and second repeat. See also

* Importing "~!chetbr.mgu" creates some wrongly positioned slurs where
there shouldn't be any slurs to begin with. Also the notes in the melody
of the ending are missing. See chetbr-lead_end.jpg"

I just wanted to mention some related project which might be a source of
information for chord and instrument list, file structure, etc.,
supposed you don't know about them already.
* libmusicxml:
* biabconverter: (not
entirely errorless is what I've heard)

To end with, I've got some small feature requests which would make my
life a bit easier:
* Import of tempo from Band in a Box files, which is necessary for MIDI
playback anyway.
* Remember the last opened format in the "open"-dialog and similarly for
the "save"-dialog instead of the default.
* Extracting of the structure (musical phrases indicated by A, B, ...)
from BiaB files and saving them as directions

Keep up the good work!
Johan Pauwels

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blueBossa-chords.jpg (113K) Download Attachment
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Re: Band in a Box import

Thomas Bonte
Hi Johan,

While it could be worth it improving the biab import for musescore, we might consider improving MIDI import first. Let me explain.

Biab has a good MIDI export:
  • It can export MIDI 0 & 1 format
  • One can export just a part (channel) to MIDI e.g. melody only. See this biab advertisement:
    By muting tracks - right mouse clicking on the track name at the top of the screen - you can decide which tracks get written to the MIDI file. Any track that is muted is excluded from the MIDI file.
  • The lyrics (as long as they are note based I presume) are exported as well
  • The chords are exported in a MIDI track but they are formatted in a biab specific way

So, without testing the MIDI import for MuseScore, I presume the only problem will be reading the biab formatted chord track in MIDI. In order to see how they are formatted, you may want to use GNMidi.

I guess with this reply, I just want to say is that it might be better to focus on improving MIDI, instead of elaborating the biab import. And perhaps this MIDI workaround, may solve a lot of the issues you have right now with the biab import.