Change in time sig properties dlg box: on purpose?

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Change in time sig properties dlg box: on purpose?

Maurizio M. Gavioli
Since, I think, Sept 06 commit c44614970a , the time sig properties dlg box behaves differently.

Before, the resulting time sig had its _sig set from the Actual values set in the dlg (regardless of the "Text / Common time symbol / Alla breve symbol" radio boxes) and the _subtype set from the type radio boxes. This allowed to set the actual value independently from the symbol used.

Since July 27, the symbol radio box overrides the Actual value: if, for instance, "Alla breve symbol" is checked, the result time sig has _sig = (2, 2), regardless of the Actual value set in the dlg box.

Is this intentional?

In early music editions, it is frequent to use 4/2 (actually 2/1) measures to render an Alla breve indication (and sometime even a C indication). The current setup prevents this kind of flexibility. It also makes useless to be able to set symbol and value independently, if they are not reflected in the resulting time sig.

Technically, I think this is due to the change in TimeSig::setSig() prototype from:
    void setSig(const Fraction& f);
    void setSig(const Fraction& f, TimeSigType st = TSIG_NORMAL);

The new setSig() function sets the _sig before and then overwrites it with default values if TimeSigType is either TSIG_FOUR_FOUR or  TSIG_ALLA_BREVE.

Comments welcome! Thanks,

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MuseScore v1.2 rev 5470 crashing by just opening a midi file

Ariel Aramburu

Hi !

   Attached to this email you will see a tiny midi file (~7 kilobytes).    The file plays well on windows media player. 

   If I try to open it with MuseScore v1.2 rev 5470 I get first the midi import screen (asking me for the shortest note to be used by the importing function) and after that the program crashes and I get from windows the message that the program stopped working.

   I thought of sharing this bug report with the members of the list.



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