Countering the Threat of Social Engineering

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Countering the Threat of Social Engineering

Joe David

Good afternoon,

I would like to send the person who is authorised to make changes to a link to be added to the site as I have a piece of content that I think your audience would find extremely useful.

The content explores the dangers a new form of hacking known as social engineering and rounds up the opinions of various cyber security experts on how best to counter this new threat. The piece is aimed at helping small businesses create a secure system that reduces the risk of being targetted through social engineering.

This is a link to the content: Do you feel this is something that would be of use to your audience?

Also, if this is not the correct email address to send this to, could you please let me know or forward this message on to the correct person?

Thank you for your time.


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Kemp House
152 City Road

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