Effect class is referenced but not defined

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Effect class is referenced but not defined

Jim Newton
When I recently tried to compile musescore (using xcode on my mac) it complains about a missing class.
When I look into to code, it does indeed seem to be missing.
Perhaps the file is unused, but in any case shouldn't someone fix this.  Should I volunteer?

It would be my first submission and might be a good exercise of going through the contribution flow.

Can someone please confirm my findings.

Take a look in the file freeverb.h, and find the definition of the class Freeverb.
It looks like this:

class Freeverb : public Effect {  ... }

But there is no class named Effect that I can find.
I did find an Ms::Effect defined but none without the Ms namespace.

I tried compiling both commits

These were both the heads of upstream/master at some point this week when I was playing with it.

Kind regards