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GSoC 2016 Idea discussion

Hello all!
I am Khurram Javed currently doing Software Engineering from National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. I've been playing Guitar for 6 years now and started Ukulele a few months ago. I also occasionally write my own songs. Consequently, MuseScore attracted me.

I'm thinking to work on an "Import from Audio" component for MuseScore.
Given a clean recording of an instrument with known tempo, it should be possible to compute the frequencies of each note and automatically convert it into tab form. This would make the job of tabbing music a lot easier.

I'm particularly interested in this idea because whenever I'm writing song I like to make a rough melody. Such a recording can then directly be imported in the MuseScore.

Is this something MuseScore would be interested in? This is just the basic idea. Your guidance would be very helpful.