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Key shortcuts - note values, repeat...


Note values:

I find the default shortcuts for note values a bit unlogical and "unfriendly": In regular keyboard notewriting, the switch between 1/4-note and 1/2-note is one of the most common actions, and the use of [Alt+1] and [Alt+7] for those doesn't feel natural for me...
My suggestion is [4] (no alt, shift or ctrl) for 1/4-note, [5] for 1/8-note, [6] for 1/16-note etc.
The "enter fourth above" command could be replaced by [Alt+4] etc.

Repeat key [R]:

One of the most usable functions of Sibelius is the "repeat" command, [R], wich appends a copy of any selected note, object or selected area. I strecth for the [R] command all the time when using MuseScore...

By the way, changing the key shortcuts in MS doesn't seem to work (windows 1012 rev). The old shortcuts aren't "released" until the Preferences dialog is closed, making it impossible to replace them...

Regards! / Jonas