Laser Safety Glasses/559vvd与您共享了相册。

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Laser Safety Glasses/559vvd与您共享了相册。

Laser Safety Glasses/559vvd
邀请您观看 Laser Safety Glasses/559vvd 的相册: Laser Safety 2016
Laser Safety 2016
提供者:Laser Safety Glasses/559vvd
来自 Laser Safety Glasses/559vvd 的消息:
Use the world’s lastest technology,
Reach a higher more Protection level,
With a better more Transmittance !

Dear Sir/Madam,

It’s glad to write to you.

We are on laser safety products for more than 8 years.

Our major product including laser protective glasses, IPL safety goggle, laser protection window etc., Now we have about 50% Mainland China market, and 50% Oversea market in Europe and U.S.A. We provide OEM and customized service according to customer’s application.

Below is some our hot sales for your reference --

SG-04B laser protective glasses
Protect wavelength: O.D5+ @ 800 - 1100nm
Special for: 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm
Transmittacne: 60%

SG-14 laser protective glasses
Protect wavelength: O.D3+ @ 600 – 660nm & 800 – 830nm
Special for: 635nm, 808nm
Transmittance: 30%

SG-13 laser protective glasses
Protect wavelength: O.D5+ @ 740 – 850nm
Special for: high power 755nm, 808nm
Transmittance: 40%

IPL protective glasses
Protect wavelength: 200 - 1400nm
Transmittance: 10%

The above is just a corner of us, please feel free to let us know the kinds of lasers you use, and our specialist will give you a most suitable recommendation !

Thank you,

Vincent Chen
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