Looking for a reality check and some pointers on some MuseScore customizations

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Looking for a reality check and some pointers on some MuseScore customizations

Hi everyone -

I'm a new MuseScore user and would-be developer. I'm using MuseScore to annotate some scores for use in a custom program that reads MIDI. Specifically I'm manually separating the score into musical phrases and want the start of each phrase to be indicated in the MIDI file.

Right now, as a hack, I'm adding a certain unused note number (e.g. C7 or whatever, something much higher than any notes in the score) to the chord for the first note of each phrase. Then, I export MIDI and read MIDI from my custom program, which I have written to treat C7 as the start of a new phrase rather than as a real note.

To make this whole thing cleaner, especially as I am planning to use MuseScore to make other kinds of annotations to be exported to MIDI, I want to find a way to create MIDI SYSEX messages to indicate phrases starts and the other annotations.

From my investigation of the MuseScore source, here's what I've found, which I want to run by everyone here to make sure I'm on the right track:

-- MidiFile::writeEvent supports writing SYSEX messages (midi/midifile.cpp:139). (Incidentally, why are there two MidiFile definitions and two midifile.cpp filess, one in the midi folder, another in the miditools folder?)

-- However, ExportMidi::write, which invokes MidiFile::write (which leads to writeEvent being called) only handles ME_NOTEON and ME_CONTROLLER messages (exportmidi.cpp:287)

-- That's because it calls Score::createPlayEvents (exportmidi.cpp:226) to create the play events and simply converts them to MIDI Note On messages.

-- So to get custom annotations into MIDI, I need to (1) designate a score symbol other than a special note to indicate the start of a phrase, (2) get ExportMidi::write to create a meaningful ME_SYSEX MidiEvents for that symbol before sending the events to MidiFile::write.

Does that sound right? Anything I'm missing or should keep in mind?

Further, to really do this correctly, I should create an actual phrase start symbol, which would involve adding it to the MuseScore UI and Score data model (which I don't understand yet). Any pointers on getting my head around how the MuseScore UI handles the palette of symbols and stores them in the data model?

Thanks for any help you can offer a MuseScore dev newbie!


P.S. By the way, my first impression of both the program and the code is that this is really a very high quality open-source project. Kind of amazing that this exists for all.