Mac Nightly build server now running Yosemite

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Mac Nightly build server now running Yosemite


The Mac OSX nightly build server is now running Mac 10.10 Yosemite and XCode 6.4. As a result, it can also run Qt 5.4.2 so the next nightlies will be compiled with Qt 5.4, on par with the stable release. Until now, they were compiled with Qt 5.3 because 5.4 was not compatible with Mac OSx 10.7.

The same server is used to get strings from Transifex, our localisation provider and put them on Amazon S3 for the resource manager in MuseScore. It's also used to generate the PDF for the handbook and send them to OSUOSL ftp server. If you encounter any issue with these two services, let me know.


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