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Emile Ellberger
Hello mscore developers,

You may remember that some time ago we announced a research project originating at ICST (a division of the Zurich University of the Arts- ZHDK)

Quick description.
MuseScore was the open source music editor chosen for this project at the beginning of its 2.0 development.
The features added to MuseScore are palettes filled with graphic symbols destined to allow composers to indicate sound placement and motion in space. Each symbol has its own inspector window that allow appropriate parameters to be set.
Equally a "radar" window allows to visualize multiple staff note-to-note activity of the spatialization process.
Common usage concerns the placement of trajectory symbols (i.e. straight line, spiral, circle) anchored to a note on a staff (start point) with and "end" symbol anchored at the point where the trajectory comes to completion. OSC messages are generated and available to all OSC savy software (Digital Audio Workstations i.e. Reaper, Logic, Cuebase) as well as audio rendering engines (Ambisonic, Spat)

Call for participation
As the final release of MuseScore 2.0 obliged us to merge versions, we are searching for a developer who could help us finalize the merges, in particular the SSMN aspects, furnish us with nightly builds for compilation, and actively participate in the research. A knowledge of geometrical 3D mathematics would be very useful at this stage

SSMN overall project is described at
and the SSMN blog at

If interested contact directly the team leader:
[hidden email]

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