Regarding: fix #185136: Show tuplet numbers in lute TAB #3118

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Regarding: fix #185136: Show tuplet numbers in lute TAB #3118

Hi, I hope someone is reading these messages still, as there seem to be much spam currently ...

I tried to enable (for 2.1) to show tuplet numbers in tab, which is important for later baroque music and/or new music for the lute -  and also necessary to check your input (sometimes I incidentally used tuplets, but you won't see that currently in the score ...).  

Already I have managed to show the tuplets at top of tablature lines, but if there is another staff above the tablature staff line, the tuplet numbers will appear at the top of the top staff, which isn't at all what I wanted.

How can I get the y-value for the current staff? I looked for that in the code, but didn't find anything, that really cleared it up.
BTW - I have already put a pull request for it: fix #185136: Show tuplet numbers in lute TAB #3118.

Many thanks in advance