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Release schedule?

Toby Smithe-2

According to [0], mid-July, Debian testing will freeze in preparation
for the Lenny release. As a result, I'm curious as to whether there
will be a new mscore release before then so that a less buggy, more
featureful, all-round better version of the package can be shipped to
most users.

What's the plan?



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Re: Release schedule?

Thomas Bonte
Hi Toby, I can't answer for Werner but I don't think there is a plan. It's quite typical for open source projects such as MuseScore that working against deadlines is pretty hard. Especially when the summer is nearby ;-)

But of course it never hurts to know that Debian is going in freeze real soon for their next release.

I'm sorry my reply isn't the answer you are probably looking for but I just wanted to let you know that I'm reading your message and that I'm willing to help where I can which isn't much more than testing stuff.