Start of the GSoC coding period

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Start of the GSoC coding period

Hi everyone, Hi GSoC students (in BCC),

Today is the first day of the coding period for Google Summer of Code. Let me remind you a few points.

GSoC students, you are required to blog at least once per week on your blog on First blog post is due next Sunday. You should be subscribed to this mailing list (and so you probably received this email twice). You can find developers and mentors, including myself, on IRC (#musescore on and I encourage you to be connected as much as you can during the 3 next months. Don't forget that the largest part of your communication with your mentor should happen publicly. Please read againĀ

Other developers and readers of this mailing list, Students will be coding from today to August 23rd and they need your help and feedback. You can find them on IRC, and you can read and comment on their blog. More info

Have a great summer and happy coding!

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