While we're on the subject of SVG issues...

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While we're on the subject of SVG issues...


This is a less clear-cut issue raised initially by @lasconic a few
months ago.  I posted the forum topic above in order to gain consensus
before attempting a fix.  Not much of a response on the website, so I'm
mentioning it here to see if there can be agreement on the approach
here.  It's a simple issue, but there is no win-win implementation
without adding a layer of options to the situation. What I'm proposing
is an optionless win-lose situation, mostly because I'm hesitant to add
options to the user process.

Resolving this will also resolve at least one not-officially reported
issue here (#34):

If you are up against this issue, there are workarounds.  @musikai has a
way of handling the problem he posted "unoficially".  If it's simply
that the SVG Export appears smaller than in MuseScore when you export
it, then you can use the Staff space setting in the Page Layout dialog
to scale the score.  It will appear too big inside MuseScore while you
use the alt Staff space setting, but you can adjust the initial size of
your SVG exports for the score that way. It's far from ideal, but that's
what a workaround is.

If adding options is the preferred path, then that's another
design/review process.  In my own project, I have added 6 new file-types
to the Export dialog, all of them for file extension .vtt.  This is one
way to have multiple types of exports for a single file format, like SVG
(*.svg).  In this case it would be a "scaled like your screen"  vs.
"default scaling" as the two types of SVG files you can export.  The
code changes in file.cpp are very simple, comparing against the
selectedFilter, not the file name, from the dialog box.  I like the
simplicity of adding items to an existing list, but there are other ways
to do it with additional dialogs, or non-native dialogs, etc.


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