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accessibility aspect of the program

Alexander Yevdokimov
My name is Alexander and I'm a completely blind composer and musicologist.
First of all, I'ld like to say great thanks for accessibility feature in
muse score software. It is really good news for all blind musicians.
But there are some accessibility features, that need to be improved in
the the future.
All of them consern the editing and creating new score.
1. Now it is not possible to select a key signiture when you create a
new score - the selection field can not be read by NVDA screenreader.
2. Also if you add a new instrument to score it is placed at the bottom
of the score, not at the traditional position (e.g. if I add the harp to
the orchestra, it is placed below the strings, not above them, so we
have to move newly added stave manually).
3. If I add a dynamics or any other markings to the notes, NVDA have
troubles and finally I have to press escape key, and after that I should
choose a stave and section I need to edit again. It is very inconvinient
when you create a large score.
4. And one more - staves are named by their numbers in score, not by
instrument names. It is not a good idea if we speak about huge score for
a large orchestra. If I move from stave to stave with the alt key and
vertical arrows, only stave numbers, not instrument names are spoken.
I'm not a programmer unfortunately, but I'm a blind musician and user of
NVDA screenreader, so I can help with testing and developing
accessibility functions in muse score if you would like me to.
Thanks again for your product and it's accessibility features.
Best regards, Alexander.

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Re: accessibility aspect of the program

Thomas Bonte
Hi Alexander,

Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience with NVDA support in MuseScore.

Your feedback is in line with our todo list on improving screen reader support in MuseScore:

Please don't hesitate to come back to me and ask for an update, in about a month from now. Then we will know whether we got support through Google Summer of Code or through another party to fund the development of accessibility improvements.