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batch export linked parts

I'd like to add automatic export of linked parts to the batch converter plugin
for v2.0.

However, I'm not sure what would be the best approach. I can think of  two
different ways:

1) Add a C++ method that basically does the same thing as
MuseScore::exportParts(), but without the user interaction, instead checking
which files need to be updated ,and adding a qml wrapper call such as:
MuseScore.exportParts(Score*, const QString& file-extension)

2) Exposing the necessary objects and methods to the plugin framework. This
would seem to be no more than:

class Excerpt with properties partScore and title
property excerpts in class Score  (all read-only)
a qml wrapper to call createDefaultFileName(QString)

and maybe later a way of exposing MuseScore::safePdf(QList<Score>* cs, const
QString& saveName) for the combined pdf export of full score and parts.

I'd probably prefer 2) for now. However, if the batch converter functionality
is considered to be moved to the core sooner or later, it could save some time
not working on 2) when we eventually will need 1) anyway.

Any thoughts?


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