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David Bolton-2

I added some extra BeamHint's in beam.cpp to catch some of the time
signature beaming issues mentioned. I may add more BeamHint's latter.

I wasn't sure how to fix the beams for triplet time signatures such as
6/8, 9/8, and 12/8.

      BeamHint(0,  0,  9, 8,  0, 0 ),  // switch-off at-any-beat feature
      BeamHint(0,  0,  9, 8,  3, 8 ),
      BeamHint(0,  0,  9, 8,  3, 4 ),

I wonder if the "switch off at any beat feature" is imposing duple
beaming (i.e. two eighths per beat instead of three). I don't have the
resources to check this right now, and have only cursory knowledge of C++.

David Bolton

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